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Garden-based education benefits backed by research

Nac Gardens is a network of seasoned gardeners, volunteers, teachers, principals, SFA interns, and community organizations. For many of us, evidence-based research is critical to informing our strong advocacy for school and community gardens. There is plenty of research demonstrating the health, social and academic benefits of improved nutrition and school gardening. Take a look at this annotated bibliography that we assembled to highlight a multitude of positive outcomes. The findings, all based on controlled studies and published in academic and health journals, give us a very clear understanding that experiential learning enhances academic outcomes. When we practice experiential learning in the garden, research demonstrates beneficial outcomes, such as improved nutrition and school-community engagement.

Experiential learning bring science to life!

Research also shows us that a key to success of implementing and sustaining garden-based education is district buy-in and staff who coordinate the moving pieces that make up garden programs. According to researcher Heather Ohly, a major obstacle to school garden longevity is a “lack of funding and over reliance on volunteers", which we know to be true in history of school gardens in Nacogdoches.

Thankfully, our current school district has been receptive to volunteer efforts. School board members, the superintendent, principles and the Nacogdoches Independent School District curriculum specialist have all been very supportive of volunteer-run school garden programs.

Last Spring, when volunteers asked if the district would consider implementing a school garden coordinator position—the missing ingredient to long-term programmatic success—Dr. Hill, the curriculum specialist for the district, sounded hopeful in a position opening for the 2020-2021 school year.

Our vision is that Nacogdoches Independent School District will add a level of foundational support to these grass-roots school garden efforts by creating a school garden coordinator position for elementary schools throughout the district.

We envision that a school garden coordinator, along with a collaborative network of teachers, volunteers, SFA work-study students and interns, will:

  • Connect our district by serving as a liaison to NISD administrators, teachers, aids, volunteers, and SFA interns to support teacher-led garden programs

  • Conduct professional development using garden-based curriculum aligned with TEKS standards

  • Coordinate school gardens program needs, such as organizing supplies, maintenance plans, and program schedules

  • Cultivate community partnerships that bring resources to the gardens

  • Collaborate with school lunch and nutrition specialists to offer school-to-table lunch options

  • Communicate the exciting project-based learning happening in our school gardens to current and future families, helping to attract and retain NISD students

  • Conduct research to study the positive effects of garden-based education on testing and nutrition outcomes for our students


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