Jocelyn Moore

mom, gardener, learner, SFA Gardens' Assistant Education Coordinator, Nac Gardens Network Volunteer

My name is Jocelyn Moore and I understand the power of outdoor and experiential education in all its forms.  I have been happily learning in the garden since I was pregnant with my firstborn in 2007.  Since then, I have raised my two sons in the garden, led educational garden clubs, garden workshops for adults, and raised a portion of our food on our family’s three-acre-slice of heaven. In 2016, I was hired as the education coordinator at SFA Gardens and teach outdoor science field trips, coordinate an after school gardening/nutrition program and run outdoor skill summer camps.

I care deeply about preventive health care and believe the act of learning to grow our own food holds the key to our society’s physical, mental and ecological health.

This blog aims to educate our community about the current snapshot and value of Nacogdoches School Gardens.  We hope to inspire district support of instruction time and coordinator positions.  Without meaningful district buy-in, gardening programs will have limited student impact and longevity.

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