Nac Gardens Network is a volunteer-driven, collaborative effort consisting of over a dozen school garden sites and several community garden projects. We understand that garden-based education serves as a powerful teaching and wellness tool. Research, data and testimony demonstrate benefits ranging from improved nutritional knowledge, test scores and physical activity. We envision collaboration and support among the Nacogdoches Independent School District, City of Nacogdoches, Nac Gardens Network and others to nourish and sustain these garden-based education programs.

Dear Reader, we hope you will help us advocate for garden-based education.  A garden coordinator and garden teacher specialists will ensure access, quality and longevity of current garden programs.

Need a feel-good minute?  Here's a short video highlighting local programing and demonstrating the power of home grown and kid-cooked veggies!

Nac Gardens Sites & Parnters:

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TJR, Carpenter, Nettie Marshall, Fredonia, BQJ, Regents, Mike Moses, Central Heights and Martinsville school gardens; SFA Gardens’ Nacogdoches Naturally after-school garden, Head Start pre-school, & the Boys' and Girl's Club gardens; the Senior Center's Golden Gardens, the Brown Family Health Center community garden, Caddo Mounds Snake Woman's Garden, Appleby Community Farm, Resilient Nacogdoches, SFA Nutritionists, the Nacogdoches Public Library, and Texas A&M AgriLife... and the list is growing!



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